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Methods of Travel to Tortuguero
There are a few different options to get to Tortuguero.  Some are expensive, and some very cheap.  Because there are no roads into Tortuguero, all the options require a ride in a shallow bottom boat.  And all methods, other than airplane, take at least a few hours. The good news is that the journey to Tortuguero from San Jose is absolutely beautiful with amazing vistas through rain forests canyons and an unforgetable boat ride along a winding jungle river.
Method of Transportation TOTAL COST TOTAL TIME Public Transportation 7 USD 5 hours Private Shuttle 50-90 USD 4 hours Driving Yourself 10 USD /day 4 hours Airplane 90-130 USD 30 mins Hotel Package 100 - 300 USD 4 hours Walking and Swimming  Free Too Long Tortuguero Transportation Options Travel Advice Public Transportation Private Transportation Driving Airplane Hotel Packages Walking/Swim How to Get Here Things to Do Where to Eat Places to Stay Tour Guides Community
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