Hotel El Icaco Cabinas Aracari Cabinas Balcón del Mar Hospedaje Meryscar Cabinas Tortuguero Cabinas Tropical Lodge Casa Marbella Bed and Breakfast Chinitas Lodge El Muellecito La Casona Miss Junie Hotel Miss Miriam Miss Miriam II Princesa Resort There are many places to stay in the village of Tortuguero.  Everywhere you go you will see accommodations.  Almost all the year through there is plenty of rooms available. However, during the peak nesting season of the Atlantic Green Sea Turtle, between July and October, your favorite place may be full. We recommend calling ahead to make reservations during peak season. Very Nice (and more expensive) Hotels on the outskirts of Tortuguero Village: Evergreen Laguna Lodge Mawamba Pachira Lodge  Samoa Tortuga Lodge Turtle Beach Lodge Manatus Hotel Village
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